Assign Surface Shader- Python

Hey all!
Here is another small script that ive written. Provides an easy way to assign RGBA surface shaders to objects in your scene. Select between options of assigning the shaders to all objects in the scene, or assigning based on your selection. Selection should be based on the order you want the shaders to be applied. For instance if you choose R, G and B shaders, then the order of applying shader will be R, followed by G, followed by B, then R, G, B, and so on.

Unzip the files to [MAYA_INSTALLED_PATH]/bin and run the following code in maya:-

import surfaceShader as ss

Assign Surface Shader

Tested for Maya 2011, and 2012.(Yet to for earlier versions.)

C&C(comments and critiques!) welcome.



Create Terrain Mesh- Python

Hello! Another script ive been working on. It Gives options to create a few common Terrain meshes, such as Grass, Bush, etc, with the added option to UV Unwrap for the grass and bush objects.

Create Terrain Mesh

Un-Zip the files to [MAYA_INSTALLED_DIR]/bin, and type the following code in maya:

import createTerrainMesh as ctm

C&C(comments and critiques!) welcome.


Vimeo Video Link

Facial GUI Python Script.

Hey! Here is a follow up to my previous post. I had implemented that in MEL. Right after that, i discovered the joys of using Python! Its much faster and cooler, imo! Anyways here is the script. Unzip the rar file and paste the *.pyc and the *.ui file in [Maya_Installed_Path]/bin.

Now in maya, type the following code in the Python tab and run it. You could also save it to shelf and run it from there.
import facialGUI as gui

Facial GUI

C&C welcome.


Vimeo video link

Toonish Girl – WIP.

Hey all. Been a while since i posted. Have shelved my earlier model for now and started on this one. Here is my progress so far.


C&C welcome.



WIP Warrior Man

Here are some WIP shots of what ive started modeling. Got the concept from a random google image search. The site name watermarked at the bottom of the image goes to a Chinese site. So no idea whom to give credit to for that. Anyways here’s how far Ive got.

Will keep updating as i go.